Agricultural Products

Natural Fertilizers, Minerals and Soil Amendments for Healthy Soils and Crops

Bridgewell Agriculture maintains a company-wide commitment to safe and sustainable environmental practices. Individual ingredient and our multi-ingredient fertilizers are recognized as contributing to healthy soils and healthy plants.

Our Agricultural Products

Natural Phosphate Products


Grade UREA


Natural Phosphate Products

Bridgewell Agriculture is a reliable source for natural phosphate products. Phosphate promotes root growth, fruit and flowering. Application rates depend on soil fertility, determined by a soil test.

Packaged in 40-, 50-, 55- and 2000-pound bags and bulk trucks. Sold in truckload and pallet quantities. Dealer referral offered for less than minimum quantities.

  • Archipelago Bat Guano 0-7-0 Logos
  • Calphos Soft Rock Phosphate 0-3-0 granular Logos
  • Calphos Soft Rock Phosphate 0-3-0 standard Logos
  • PAR4 2-14-0 Granulated Bone Meal Logos
  • Bone meal 3-15-0
  • Fish bone meal 4-14-0


Ag Minerals

Bridgewell Agriculture supplies agricultural minerals in bulk truck loads and packaged forms. These mineral products have a long history of use in conventional and organic growing, on golf courses and athletic fields, in soil blends and in compost. Two grades are available: ag and prilled. Ag grade is for direct field application and prilled for blending with other fertilizers or direct application.

Packaged in 40-, 50- and 2,000 pound bags and bulk truckloads. Sold in truckload and pallet quantities. Dealer referral offered for less than minimum quantities.

  • Azomite® trace mineral product Logos
  • Agricultural Calcium Sulfate (Gypsum)
  • Agricultural Calcitic Lime
  • Agricultural Dolomitic Lime
  • Prilled Calcium Sulfate (Gypsum)
  • Prilled Calcitic Lime — Standard
  • Prilled Calcitic Lime — Mini
  • Prilled Dolomitic Lime — Standard
  • Prilled Dolomitic Lime — Mini


Automotive Grade UREA

Bridgewell Agriculture is a distributor of high quality automotive grade urea. This product is a low biuret, formaldehyde-free prill and is used in the manufacture of Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF). Bridgewell works closely with manufacturers to ensure that specifications and quality control standards are met. Our automotive grade urea prills are supplied to DEF manufacturers in truckload quantities of bulk tote bags.


Agricultural Services

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  • Marketing
  • Toll manufacturing capabilities